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In Tsongmo Lake you can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Lake (or frozen lake which depends upon the season you are travelling), snow (if it's the snowfall season), enjoy the Yak ride and local dishes beside the lake, rent traditional dress of Sikkimese people and take some pictures beside the lake or take a ride in the ropeway (A cable car that climbs to 14,500 ft on the snow-covered slopes near Changu Lake) and dance amongst the clouds. Alpine forests cover the catchment of the lake. After the winter season ends in the middle of May, the periphery of the lake has scenic blooms of flower species of rhododendrons (the state tree of Sikkim), primulas, blue and yellow poppies, irises and so forth. Also seen in the precincts of the lake are several species of birds including Brahminy ducks. Wildlife seen includes the red panda.